Monday, 6 February 2012

Important information about your State Pension Age

Today I received an important looking brown letter through the post.  On opening it I find that the letter is telling me that my state pension age is increasing from 65 to 66. What is happenng to common sense these days. Has anyone worked out how much harder it will be to get a job at the age of 65 than say 35. Still I for one will be signing on the job centre when I am 65 as a matter of principle. See if they can find me a job whilst I am waiting for my penson delay to kick in.  I very much doubt it. Does anyone really want to work until they are too old to enjoy their retirement. Why can't us oldies be allowed to enjoy retirement at a younger age say 60 or even 55. That way we can move over and allow the youngsters to take on our jobs, after all they are the ones who will really need the income to support young families.